Public sector

In the service of the public, budget loyalty, efficiency and service readiness count. But above all, trustworthiness.

We have a long experience and profound knowledge in auditing, managing and advising public corporations, associations and other non-profit organizations.

What we offer:

  • Ordinary and limited audits annual financial statements
  • Support for the implementation of HAM2 or IPSAS
  • VAT consultations
  • Interim management / proxy services
  • Management of the finance department (including accounting) on a contract basis
  • Audit of compliance with cantonal performance mandates and reporting
  • Advice on financial plans, investment projects and budgets
  • Advice on revaluations or upward revaluations of assets
  • Expert opinions, special assignments and business analyses

Auditing and municipal audits

As auditors, we not only check your annual financial statements for legal compliance. We also keep our eyes open for optimization potential, both in your financial statements and in your business processes. In this way, we create real added value.

As statutory auditors, we audit annual financial statements with the highest level of professionalism, broad expertise and at a fair price. But we also see ourselves as consultants for economic issues such as accounting and controlling. With an audit by our specialists, your organization not only gains credibility and creditworthiness, but also valuable insights.

What we offer

  • Audit of the annual financial statements in accordance with the regulations and municipal law
  • Reporting in accordance with PH 60 and the Municipal Act
  • Additional reporting in the form of findings and recommendations
  • Fulfillment of the requirements for auditing bodies in the public sector (registration with the audit supervisory authority)
  • Many years of experience in auditing municipalities and municipal associations
  • Experience of leading auditors, constant proxy and qualified team members
  • Cost-effective auditing with high quality
  • Compliance with time requirements through flexible and efficient services

Contact persons

Beat Mauron

Beat Mauron

Partner, Site Manager

Certified Fiduciary, Federal Diploma of Higher Education


T +41 26 492 78 24
Markus Jungo

Markus Jungo

Partner, Site Manager

Master of Science in Business Administration
Swiss Certified Accountant

T +41 26 347 28 88
Michael Münger

Michael Münger

Partner, Team Leader

Swiss Certified Accountant
Bachelor of Science BFH in Business Administration

T +41 26 492 78 58
Christian Stritt

Christian Stritt

Partner, Site Manager

Swiss Certified Accountant
Bachelor of Science BFH in Business Administration

T +41 31 329 20 51

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