Vision & Mission


The appeal of our group of companies lies in our regional presence, our range of first rate services and our desire to build a reputation as a leading provider of accounting, audit and taxation services in our relevant market.

Our various locations enable us to be close to our clients. We operate on both sides of the linguistic divide between German- speaking and French-speaking Switzerland and wish to flourish as a group in both regions with their distinctive cultures.

Corporate Philosophy


Our relationship with our clients is based on cooperation and trust. The core values in this relationship are integrity and loyalty. We focus on a personal client relationship that is oriented towards continuity and quality. The client has a competent and reliable contact person to deal with all his concerns. Discretion is assured.


Motivated and client-focused employees play a key role in our service industry. We accordingly offer attractive and fair conditions of employment and endeavour to create a positive workplace culture based on mutual respect. We give our employees the opportunity to undertake internal and external training and professional development.

Public Sphere

Our goal is to serve the interests of the community (authorities, banks, institutions, competitors, etc.) as a reliable and professional partner and to cultivate a relationship that is based on mutual trust and cooperation. Our influence and the personal commitment of our executives enable us to make an active contribution to economic development in our field of work.


Our group of companies belongs to our executive team. As a group that is managed on a partnership basis we are completely independent and are able to devise long-term plans and strategies to ensure the continuity of the group in the long term.


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