CORE Partners Ltd

Four companies with a long tradition sail under the flag of «CORE Partners Ltd»: CORE Treuhand AG, CORE Revision AG, CORE Fiduciaire Revicor SA and CORE Medical AG.

Together, we offer a broad range of services in the following fields of activity:

Business services

Payroll administration


Tax consulting & VAT

Financial consulting

Provision consulting

Health sector

Public sector

With offices in Düdingen, Bern and Fribourg, we support private clients, SMEs, large corporations, public-sector administrations, NPOs, associations, clubs and foundations on both sides of the Röstigraben, the metaphorical divide between the French and the German-speaking parts of Switzerland. Our staff of nearly 60 are very highly trained and are proud of their many years of experience. As members of the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Experts «EXPERTsuisse», and «TREUHAND | SUISSE» , the Swiss Fiduciary Association, we are bound by their rules and professional codes of conduct and committed to meeting their high quality standards.

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Founding of Treuhand Cotting Ltd in Düdingen

Founding of Cotting Revisions Ltd in Düdingen

Founding of Fiduciaire Revicor Consulting SA in Fribourg

Founding of the Bern office for Treuhand Cotting Ltd and Cotting Revisions Ltd

Incorporation of Fiduciaire Revicor Consulting SA into the Cotting Group

Founding of CORE Partners Holding Ltd which brought together all three companies under one roof

Integration of Treuhand Spörri Ltd and MAS Treuhand (Mitteland) Ltd; Merge of these two companies under the name of Sörri MAS Treuhand Ltd.

Rebranding of the group; CORE is now used in the name of all companies. CORE Treuhand AG, CORE Revision AG, CORE Fiduciaire Revicor SA, CORE Medical AG

CORE Revision joins the global network Russell Bedford as a member firm