CORE Fiduciaire Revicor Ltd

CORE Fiduciaire Revicor Ltd is active in all our services. It provides counseling in French, German and English.

Fiduciaire Revicor Consulting Ltd was founded in 1995, and renamed CORE Fiduciaire Revicor SA in 2017. In the beginning it was focused on accounts auditing. Nowadays, it has specialists in all CORE Partners Ltd domains. It is one of the few bi-lingual trust companies in the «Espace Mittelland».

CORE Fiduciaire Revicor SA is an EXPERTsuisse certified company and a member of the Swiss Trustee Association TREUHAND | SUISSE.

CORE Fiduciaire Revicor Ltd in Fribourg is the first fiduciary to receive the label for bilingualism (french and german). Bilingualism is clearly evident in the vision of the CORE group of companies, which is based in Düdingen, Berne and Fribourg.