Tax Consulting

With us at your side, you get clarity on tax issues and the confidence of having found the optimal solution.
Fiscal obligations change constantly and rapidly. Tax issues and the search for the ideal procedures can easily overwhelm someone. Whatever you intend as a private individual or with your company, we can support you in your strategic tax planning and operative tax optimisation with pragmatic, creative and tailor-made solutions.

What we offer

  • Tax consulting and planning for companies and private individuals
  • Tax consulting for start-ups, transformations, mergers, spin-offs, restructuring, liquidation, head office relocation, succession arrangements, etc.
  • VAT consulting and auditing

  • Tax consulting with regard to social security (old-age and survivors’ insurance, second and third pillars, accident insurance, daily sickness benefits insurance, free movement of persons, etc.)
  • Consulting in all other tax areas (stamp duty, withholding tax, real estate gains tax, real estate transfer tax and capital transfer tax)

  • Tax optimisation of annual accounts and examination of tax risks (tax review)
  • Tax returns and applications for refunds
  • Examination of tax assessments and tax bills
  • Advocacy with tax authorities and in appeals proceedings
  • Expert tax reports
  • Issues of cantonal and federal tax apportionment

  • Clarifications with tax authorities (tax rulings)