As auditors, we do more than simply ensure that your annual accounts comply with the law. We also keep our eyes open for potential optimisation both in your annual financial statements and in your business processes. That enables us to offer genuine added value.
As statutory auditors, we audit annual accounts with the utmost professionalism, considerable expertise and at a fair price. However, we also see ourselves as consultants for financial issues such as accounting and controlling. An audit by our specialists will help your company gain not only credibility and creditworthiness, but also valuable insights.

The following companies are registered as audit experts at the register of the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) of Switzerland:

Cotting Revisions Ltd: 502388
Treuhand Cotting Ltd: 502386
Fiduciaire Revicor Ltd: 502305

What we offer

  • Ordinary and limited audits of the annual accounts of stock corporations, limited companies, public corporations, foundations, associations and other NPOs
  • Auditing pursuant to legislation on occupational benefit plans (pension funds)
  • Audits of consolidated financial statements according to Swiss GAAP FER / IFRS / ZEWO
  • Audits by contract (consolidated accounts, sole traders, limited companies, associations, investigative audits, etc.)
  • Special audits for business start-ups, capital increases, capital reductions, liquidation and administration of the assets of companies in insolvency, etc.
  • Due diligence audits
  • Company evaluations
  • Review of internal control systems
  • Financial and business management consulting
  • Expert reports